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Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Solo Trip: Hong Kong.


Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while but all that's going to change cause it's a new year right? and you know with that comes resolutions and goals we try to attain.

On that  note of resolutions and goals-I finally plucked up the courage and went on my first solo trip to HONG KONG! Being the wanderlust that I am, I decided on booking a flight with a long layover in order for me to leave the airport. I thought my mother would shun upon the idea but I guess she knows just how much of a wanderlust I am.

My 13 hour flight from Johannesburg, South Africa was quite bearable but I couldn't wait to arrive in Hong Kong and see the famous skyscrapers amongst other things.

After going through immigration I hopped into the airport express train which stopped at 'Hong Kong Central Station'. Shivering from the cold weather, I still marched on and went to the 'Hong Kong Martime Museum' where the Ferry Pier is located.

Hong Kong Martime Museum.
I then waited for the 15C bus to go to the famous 'Peak Tram'. The 'Peak Tram' is a railway that runs from Garden Road to the Victoria Peak which offers good views and skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

Peak Tram
I then took  more pictures at the top for a better view of the Island. So amazing!
Hong Kong skyscrapers

I took the tram back and visited the cathedral church and then the city centre. There's just something about being at the city centre that made me want to strive to work even harder in life. Maybe It's the hustle the people have, their effortlessly chic style, all I know is something about Hong Kong screams 'GOALS!'
Hong Kong Centre 

Lunch Break Conversation.

I decided to head back to the airport although I still had a few hours to spare. Ever since I missed my flight from Dubai to South Africa, I've been very cautious and would rather be super early at the boarding gate rather than late.

With a 13 hour layover, I can definitely say I saw most of Hong Kong's tourist attractions in the space of 7 hours.  It was definitely worth it although it was cold.

Yay me! First 2016 trip in the bag. Can't wait to share more of my wanderlust chronicles with all of you but for now let me get going before I miss my flight to Malaysia.

Zàijiàn (Goodbye in Chinese)
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