Unedited moments in my life, using a personal ink to portray what lies beneath the picture.


Hi there!
I’m Wandi Jama, A young African female creative from the small town of Bloemfontein, South Africa. Personal Scribbles is a glimpse into my world. A creative platform I use to share my journey as a young professional in fashion, writing and travelling but most of all as a young African female. It's also a platform where you can find relatable, transparent and authentic content. 

I have lived in three different continents: America, Asia and Europe in a space of five years. It is from my experience in these different continents that I once called home that my platform draws its inspiration. 

I'm a freelance writer, curve model and was previously a content writer for The Fashion Network(TFN) - a networking platform for fashion brands and individual industry professionals in the U.K. TFN is also a journalistic platform for educational, fashion and lifestyle articles. I've also gained experience in writing for Lovely.Asia - A fashion and lifestyle online magazine in Malaysia. 

My experience in the fashion and creative industry as a young African female is at the heart of everything I write and create. 

Personal Scribbles is a space I use to change the narrative and share my journey.


Love & Scribbles 


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