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Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Day In my life as a TFN writer and Content creator

Name: Wandi Jama.

Job Role: Writer and Content Creator.

A day in the life 

My day usually starts around 8ish (depending on what time I slept). I first pray and then think about my #ootd lol. I usually start my working day at 10:30 or earlier. 
Before making myself a cup of green tea and reading my emails, I have my daily rants about the weather. After getting that out of the way, I compile a to-do list for the day, check article stats and then respond to emails.Depending on the day and whether I’m chasing a deadline, I upload an article on the website.  After that I get in contact with more brands to build more relationships. I usually work on 2 or 3 articles per day.
Part of my role is networking( duh!) and building relationships with brands and suppliers. That would require me to be out for a few hours, either interviewing someone in their office or having a meeting with someone over a cup of tea. After the meeting, I come back to the office and work on an article.
As the day ends, I usually read up on the latest news (the CNN tab is always up on my laptop), tick my to-do list boxes and then go change for the gym. If I have an event to attend after work, I usually head straight there from work.
Who’s on your Spotify playlist?
H.E.R, Ella Mai, Tasha Cobbs, Daniel Caesar.
Top 3 favourite Instagram accounts.
That’s a difficult one but @songofstyle for her style. (see what I did there)
@lulamawolf –South African influencer who’s changed the game!
@shotfromthestreet- for her effortless street style.

Proudest Moment?
Applying to go study in Malaysia and receiving a 50% scholarship. Embarking on that journey opened some really great doors for me!
Favourite trend at the moment and how do you style it?
I’m obsessed with the beret trend!  A long trench coat, a bold lippie and ankle boots. My big curly hair in the beret  usually makes a statement so I don’t have to do too much when it comes to styling the rest of the outfit.

 Something you want to achieve in the next year?
Collaborate and sign a contract with my favourite brand. 
Favourite place you’ve visited?
Can’t choose between NYC and Bali. Think Bali cause of the fond memories I made with my sister.

Your go-to work outfit?
My navy blue pants from Monki, black ankle boots and a long coat.
Tea or Coffee?
Green Tea
Best brunch spot in Manchester?
Sorry, I don't eat eggs! Does muesli and Yogurt from M&S count? 
Go-to high-street store?
Has to be Zara!
Favourite channel on YouTube?
@papculture- my favourite trio from South Africa! The content is relevant, educational but still hilarious.


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