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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Siscation Part 3: Bali,Indonesia.

BALI! Yes, The very same Bali from the famous 'Eat Pray and Love' book and movie. Our first 2 trips were filed with early mornings and late nights and decided on Bali being our last destination to just relax and unwind from the bustle.

The Bali itinerary was centred around the 'Eat Pray and Love' movie. We stayed in Kuta, a 2 minute walk to the Legian Beach.  Staying in Kuta was convenient as its surrounded by restaurants, pubs, spas and accommodating locals. After showering and unpacking we headed out for dinner at a western restaurant that had the BEST ambience.

I remember uncontrollably laughing at the ATM when my sister withdrew 1.5 million Rupiahs ($108), thinking to myself how could she withdraw such a large amount of cash. But to only learn that the same amount would be finished in 2 days and we would have to go back to withdraw a few millions again-lol it felt so good saying that!

The following morning was filled with tranquility. We were besides the sounds of the waves soaking in the  warm island sun but being disturbed by locals who would want to massage us or sell something of some sort. We still enjoyed our morning by the beach though.
Bali Hotel

Legian Beach

Coconut Juice by the beach


We then had lunch at a different hotel where we met a few tourists who just like us were impressed by the friendly locals and how affordable everything is.

After shopping we decided on going back to the beach in the evening before dinner. I guess the beach wasn't enough, so we went back to the hotel for a swim.

The following day was dedicated to the PRAY segment of the itinerary. We had a driver who drove us to Ubud-cultural town in Bali famous for its art and spirit. Also where most 'Eat Pray and Love' scenes were shot.  Our driver had planned a full day tour for us in Ubud. We first went to a Balinese show in the morning and then went to a jewellery craft shop.
Balinese Show in Bali

After that we went to a coffee and tea plantation where we learnt about the different teas and coffees, we even had a coffee and tea tasting session. We were so impressed we ended up buying a few for our loved ones.
Coffee and Tea Plantation 

Ginseng in Bali

Brewing Coffee 

Coffee Tasting

Coffee and Tea Tasting Bali

Coffee Tasting in Bali

After being refreshed by the liquids we went to the rice terrace and then travelled to the different temples. One temple that stood out for me was the 'Tanah Lot Temple'- A Hindu Temple set on the big rock surrounded by the seawater. The temple is exceptionally breathtaking! The pictures don't do it any justice.
Rice Terrace

Temple in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

After that we headed to our last destination to go catch the sunset over a meal at the beach. We unfortunately couldn't stay for a long as my flu was making me feel weak and even more sick. The ride from Ubud to Kuta was exhausting but we had such an eventful day.
Ubud Beach

When we arrived back to our hotel we showered and headed out for happy hour and an evening of music and dancing.

The following day was unfortunately our last day but spent it with my sisters friends from South Africa. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, exchanging stories of our Balinese experience. We then went to another beach for a few minutes and did some last minute shopping.

Beach In Bali

Bali was an absolute treat! From being called Beyonce and Janet Jackson, to our full body massages and fish spa, to the stares, to thinking we 'ballers', to our late night walks, Bali was everything and more!

We Ate, We Prayed and We Loved
Love & Scribbles


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