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Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to fast fashion slower

Fast fashion is the practice of rapidly translating high fashion design trends into low-priced garments and accessories. This ensures the supply chain costs are kept low, in turn making a larger profit.
The fast fashion demand has been influenced drastically by society and the rapid movement from catwalk to retail shelves and to e-commerce websites. This results in consumers constantly renewing their wardrobes in accordance with the latest trends.
The negative effects of fast fashion include its negative environmental impact, water pollution and increasing levels of textile waste. To kick-start our Fast Fashion Series, we spoke to Dr. Patsy Perry, senior lecturer in Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester.
Although it may be difficult to refrain from shopping at Zara or H&M every other week, Dr Patsy has shed some light on how to change your shopping habits.
5 Tips on How to reduce your textile waste:

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