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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MyBurgerLab Friday

Hi, all

In the midst of exam season a friend and i decided to go have a rather filling yet unhealthy dinner at the famous 'MyBurgerLab'. The hip burger outlet is famous for its charcoal buns and fatty succulent patties.It also has a periodic table themed menu on a blackboard which corresponds with the name.

Whilst waiting for our order we were intrigued by the simple yet creative theme the outlet has. It was apparently just a warehouse and they decided to revamp it. We were also impressed with the good service and the chilled vibe it had cause that was exactly what we needed on a Friday evening.

 I ordered the 'A+' set meal that included fries and a bottomless drink. The bun tastes like a normal bun but just crispier and tastier. I was impressed with their burger pocket holders  which make sure everything remains intact.
A+ Burger at MyBurgerLab

We couldn't stay for too long but had a chilled Friday evening being fatties alongside the sounds of Kanye West and Drake . What a perfect study break right?

My burger lab

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