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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello Malaysia Feature On BERNAMA TV.

A few weeks ago my Advertising Copywriting class went on a field trip to the BERNAMA headquarters. BERNAMA is the national news agency of Malaysia and is one the country's leading content providers.

After a Q and A session with a few employees, I was presented the opportunity of being interviewed on 'Hello Malaysia' an English talk show. "Bringing present-day issues into focus with esteemed guests." As this was an impromptu interview, you can imagine how nervous I was.

My classmates resumed the field trip, I was called upstairs for the interview briefing. As the producer spoke I was simultaneously listening and trying to calm my nerves down. After an intimate pep talk with myself, I was ready to represent my country in the best way possible.

A few minutes on set, I surprisingly became comfortable and let everything just flow. Being interviewed about a bit of my personal life, my dear country, living in Malaysia, my blog, and travels on such a platform was an honour and a milestone in my life. 

Do check out the interview below.

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