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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Siscation Part 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The day had finally arrived for me to go fetch my sister at the airport. By now almost everyone who knows me knows how much I speak highly of my sister and also how I'm low-key obsessed with her,
So you can imagine just how overly excited I was to see her and be her tour guide for a week.

The kuala Lumpur itinerary was quite simple: Explore, Eat, Shop and Have Fun! Since I live here it was easy for both of us to get around, but we still however  got lost cause of my poor geography lol. 7 days in Kuala Lumpur is actually quite short as there is so much to do in the buzzing city.

Our first stop after showering and helping my sister settle in my apartment was going to a pop culture market where we eagerly shopped and later had lunch.
Pop Culture market KL

Pop Culture KL

Besides shopping at malls, eating and taking endless pictures we went to a few tourist attractions such as the Batu caves-a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples. We knew we werent going to stay for long when we were welcomed or rather traumatised by a few monkeys lol. We also saw the famous twin towers from the KLCC Park where we had our mini photoshoot by the grass.
Batu Caves

KL Towers

Sisters in KL

You can't go to Asia and not go to any China Town right? We arrived in the afternoon so it wasn't as busy as it usually is in the evening. It was a shock for my sister to experience how persistent the locals can be and to be in the midst of all the knockoff items. I personally didn't enjoy being there but the  beautifully decorated Sri Mahamariamman Temple south of China Town made up for it.
China Town Kuala Lumpur

Sri Mahamariamman Temple
Thursday is my favourite day of the week because thats when my weekend commences and also cause its Ladies Night and you know what that means right?

Changkat Bukit Bintang is a trendy long street that offers a variety of restaurants, clubs and pubs. The dancing and club hopping was exactly what we needed after the long day we had in China Town.
Changkat Bukit Bintang

Friday was finally upon us! The order of the day was to recover from the evening that was and then get dolled up for Helipad Lounge-36th floor helicopter pad turned into a rooftop bar at night. I was glad my sister loved the 360 degree view of KL as much as I did. The perfect place to unwind over a glass of wine and a great vibe.
Helipad kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur View

From the hilarious conversations with cab drivers, to my sister complaining about the humidity, to overspending, to going on manicure and pedicure dates, to lazing around in my apartment after a long day, Kuala Lumpur with my sister was nothing short of FUN!

Love & Scribbles

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