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Monday, November 4, 2013

East Coast Livin'

Hello Hi!
So, last week this time I would either be seen in Manhattan trying to get to the nearest subway station to get to Brooklyn or shopping In both 5th Avenue and China Town or even just enjoying my 99c slice of Pizza. Yes! You guessed right! I was indeed in the 'Big Apple'.  From cabs honking to New Yorkers rushing off to their 9-5s and then getting tourists like my mother and I who are in the midst of this stampede trying to get to all the tourist attractions but still amazed by this city that truly never sleeps.

Before going to NYC,we were at 'The Capitol' of the country for a lecture my mother was giving at Howard University. As we were walking from our Hotel to the White House, I could actually imagine myself  living here. There's just a sense of  warmness about Washington DC. Being at 'The Mall' made me feel so nostalgic as It is in a way similar to London, and made me reminisce about the UK trip my sister and I had in 2011. As crazy as this may sound, I would actually prefer living in DC than in NYC. Maybe in years to come I'll actually reconsider, but for now I'd rather be a tourist there than a resident. 

Wall Street in NYC.

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