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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Island Living: Langkawi

I finally ticked 'Langkawi Island' off my 2016 Travel List! 

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands in the West coast of Malaysia. Its recognised for its picturesque view, white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and its duty free alcohol. I'm not much of a 'laid back traveller'- I prefer exploring cities,taking pictures in front of hipster buildings or being in the midst of traffic, However, Langkawi was totally different from my usual itinerary. 

Since it was a laid back birthday getaway weekend, basking in the sun listening to the sound of the waves and sand in between my toes was exactly how I had imagined it to be.  
Cenang Beach

We stayed in Cenang beach-the most visited beach in Langkawi filled with restaurants and pubs. The sunset view was perfect for enjoying a drink or maybe 6 since alcohol is duty free. 

Sunset in Cenang Beach

Although life at an islanders pace is good and relaxing, I couldn't take being a beach bum for long and needed to do some exploring. Fortunately my boyfriend had everything planned out. The itinerary consisted of:  

Cable Car ride and Sky bridge - Riding above 709 meters sea level may sound daunting especially if you're afraid of heights but once you inside the cable car, the amazing view of  nature will calm you down and you'll enjoy the 20 minute ride.

After taking a few shots and enjoying the scenery we hiked to the Sky bridge. The hike wasn't bad but make sure you wear comfortable shoes and not  sandals like myself. 
Cable Car In Langkawi
View in Langkawi
Cable Car view in Langkawi

Jet skiing-  After sweating from the hike we went back to Cenang beach for an hour of skiing. At first I was terrified as it was my first time but I quickly got the hang of things and an hour sadly felt like a minute. 
Side Note: Always negotiate the prices with the locals, you're guaranteed a good deal. 

After the adrenaline rush we had from jet skiing, a romantic ambiance was much needed.We  later headed to 'the cliff restaurant (a sea-view restaurant)  for my surprise birthday dinner.  As overwhelmed and teary I was by how romantic my boyfriend is, I had to quickly wipe mascara from running down my face because I certainly don't think thats what Taylor Swift meant in the chorus of '22'  when she excitedly sang 'I don't know about you but I'm feeling feeling 22'

The Cliff Restaurant in Langkawi

In the spirit of actually feeling 22 (whatever that means) my birthday ended with me dancing the night away at a beach party with my favourite human.

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