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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Black and White Are the New Black

A month ago I interned at Lovely.Asia The company has a fashion site and I was one of the fashion writers. I wrote a few articles on fashion,travelling,athleisure,nails and hair. 

One of the articles I wrote was on minimalistic fashion and I thought I'd post it here.
For more articles by me visit https://lovely.asia/malaysia/en/a/author/wandi/

Life is not black and white but sometimes fashion is...

Minimalistic fashion is characterised by clean lines and neutral palettes that might seem a little dull, but when done properly, is totally refreshing! We all need minimalistic staples that can be easily paired with similar pieces, or even with pops of pattern and colour! Here are some pieces you need in your wardrobe now:

  • Black Bucket Bag

Black bucket bag

 Occasion: Errand-running, class, or meetings. The bag leaves you with 2 free hands, making it the ideal companion for busy days.

  •  Wide Leg Trousers

SOURCE: divinecaroline.com    
  Outfit: Give the LBD a skip and opt for this classy outfit sweater-and-pant outfit. The similar colours bring them together seamlessly! You can even pair it with a chiffon strapless top to show a bit of skin. 

Occasion: Date night or work. It’s comfortable and classy!
Outfit: For a more casual look, pair the trousers with sneakers or even loafers. To maximise the effect of this style, opt for a high-waisted pair, as they will elongate your legs.

Occasion: Music festival, concert, or a casual coffeehouse hangout

  • Sleeveless Duster Coat

SOURCE: missguidedus.com

Outfit: The sleeveless duster coat has been a favorite on the runway and we can see why! The material is not heavy, making it easy to wear (especially with warm wear). Pair it with trousers and strappy heels, all in the same colour! This all white outfit is crisp and super elegant.

Occasion: Wedding with cocktail dress code or formal work function.
SOURCE: kristywho.com
Outfit: For a casual look, pair the coat with sneakers or loafers, and jeans..

Occasion: Shopping or lunch with friends.

  • Turtle Neck Dress

SOURCE: lystit.com

Outfit: The turtleneck dress is what you need if you’re looking for something that hugs you in the right places, and accentuates your curves. It’s covered yet sexy! Pair it with court heels or strappy heels.
Occasion: Date night, dinner party, or work. Makes for a good #OOTD on instagram too
SOURCE: Pinterest User Catherine Ramos.
Outfit: If you want to tone it down a notch you can pair the dress with loafers or sandals.
Occasion: Movie date or casual day out.

  • Tunic Shirt

SOURCE: popsugar.com    

Outfit: A tunic shirt will make any outfit look clean and chic while adding a formal and classy touch. Pair a loose-fitting one with a skinny bottom and vice versa.

Occasion: Work, meeting, or a formal event. Just make sure the skirt isn’t too tight or short (above the knee).
Outfit: For a laid back yet cool look, the tunic can be worn on its own with a pair of sandals. Don’t’ forget those sunnies to protect you from the sun and to further sizzle your outfit.

 Occasion: Sunny day out shopping or for a lunch date with friends.

  •  Slide On Flat Mules

SOURCE: fashionmedley.com

Outfit: The slide on flat mules are comfortable yet classy flats that can be paired with a dress or trousers. Spice up the more casual look by pairing it with a slit dress. For a formal look, pair them with trousers and a blazer.

Occasion: Lunch date, casual meeting.

SOURCE: praetexto.com

Outfit: For a male inspired chic look, pair the mules with trousers, a shirt and a pullover jersey on top.
Occasion: Quick coffee date.

Tips On Nailing the Minimalistic Style:

      Opt for good quality pieces that will last for a longer time. Simple designs reveal poor quality fabric or tailoring even more than complicated designs.
      Shy away from bold accessories such as chunky necklaces. Opt instead for gold or silver accessories.



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