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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cameron Highland Highlights

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A few weeks ago I visited Cameron Highlands in the mid-north of Malaysia. The mountainous town is home to tea plantations, strawberry farms, temples and more plantations. The perfect local holiday destination from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. The lovely low temperatures, the fresh breeze and the calm air were much needed from the humid Kuala Lumpur weather.

Upon arrival we were handed our itinerary which entailed of sight seeing, eating and picture perfect moments. Our very first stop was the flower plantation where our enthusiastic tour guide educated us on different types of flowers and their purpose.

There after we headed to the 'Cactus Valley' and the 'Lettuce Plantation' where there were rows of different types of lettuce for a perfect salad. It was quite interesting and strangely enough made me crave a salad. 

Cactus Valley

Lettuce Plantation
We finally headed to the much-awaited Strawberry Farm! The Strawberry Farm was on top of my 'To see' list and I was also frankly tired of hearing about lettuce lol.  Strawberries in Cameron Highlands   are way sweeter than normal strawberries and are also tastier, Im even considering going back just for them. To satisfy my sweet tooth and wine craving we ordered strawberry waffles with ice cream and thereafter tasted strawberry wine, which was quite bitter and strong to the palate. 

Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry Wine

DAY 2:

We started off our day with a whole lotta tea cause where I'm from theres no such thing as 'too much tea'.  We were transported to the Tea Plantations in a vintage Mercedes Benz taxi. So cool! Upon arrival, we drank the endless cups of tea overlooking the tranquil view. Fuelled by the tea, we hiked up the hill for the breathtaking view. 

Yellow Mercedez Benz

Tea Plantation

Tea in cameron highlands

Tea Plantation View.

After taking a few pictures and appreciating the beauty of nature
we bought a few souvenirs, had lunch and unfortunately had to leave for the city as we had other engagements. 


Cameron Highlands was indeed a much deserved break from the city. I can finally tick it off my travel bucket list! 

Can't wait to tick more travel destinations off my bucket list.

Next Tick:  Langkawi Island. 

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