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Friday, March 13, 2015

Pigged Out at 'Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf'

Hi, all
The itis had a hold one me for a few hours but I finally gathered up the strength to get out of bed and blog about my impromptu brunch date with a friend. This brunch was supposed to make us feel better about the  bad economics midterm we had written earlier, and boy it sure did! After huffing and puffing around the streets of Bangsar Village in the scorching heat we finally found the famous 'Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf.'

The pork eatery's convivial ambience and the stylish setting definitely caters for  anyone who appreciates good food.

Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf

After contemplating on whether or not to order from the breakfast or lunch menu we decided on ordering from both. My friend ordered the famous 'I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT A WOLF!' meal which consists of 2 eggs, pork sausage, hash-browns, pork bacon, buttered mushrooms, grilled tomato, toast and baked beans. I ordered the 'MIGHTY PIGGY BURGER' which was served with green salad and fries. And after waiting for approximately 15 minutes our food arrived.
Mighty Piggy Burger

We were glad our orders didn't take long to arrive as we had been ready to pig out from the moment the midterm ended. The food was really good but we were however disappointed when we found out there is no WiFi. Besides that everything else was good, although we almost started dossing off cause the itis was starting to kick in lol.

 The Three Little Pigs were impressive and  l'll hopefully go back  for dinner when the 'Big Bad Wolf'' comes out to play as he apparently only howls in the evening.

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