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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fragments of Saturday

Hi, all
This particular post was written on a Saturday evening.
 My Saturday evening: sipping on some Merlot, with the sounds of Jhene Aiko's 'The Worst' in the background and a stunning view in front of me. Before I arrived at this bar and bistro called 'The Balcony' at Publika I was at the Richard Koh Fine Art gallery at 'The Gardens Mall’ in Midvalley. I've actually never been to an art gallery alone so this was about to be an exciting or should i rather say an interesting experience. I have always wished i had the ability to draw but unfortunately that gene stopped at my brother. 

I arrived at the gallery but it was quite empty. Walking around, taking everything in, I was amazed at how everything was perfectly executed. As I was having my ‘artistry moment’ one of the workers had to interrupt it to inform me the gallery will be closing shortly. What a schlep! She however made up for it by asking for my contact details to inform me on future art exhibitions. 

So, I’m sitting here thinking about my journey of solitude and I must say I love it! There’s a certain sense of calmness that comes with it.  Although at first I found it odd going to places alone but  with time i have actually started enjoying it and actually prefer being alone. Hopefully my next art post will be about an art exhibition I attended and I will make sure I have a plus one cause I need someone to take selfies with ( yes, that’s the only reason lol). But until then I’ll continue my journey of solitude.
Surgery ( Sorry Sir But We Did Our Best) 

Mum & Dad ( The Pain Is Unbearable But I Must Go On)

Art Gallery

Hoping For A Better Future, Hoping For A Better Life.

Love & Scribbles


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