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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Heli Lounge Bar

Hey Hey!

Who would've thought a helipad would have such a cool vibe? Yes, a helipad! Well in this case it's a helicopter platform during the day and a sky bar in the evening. The Heli Lounge Bar in KL is located on the 34th floor of an office building.

Before heading to the Helipad rooftop we had to order downstairs by the bar and of course wine was the order of the day. We were finally escorted to the rooftop by a waiter dressed in aviation uniform,how dapper,right?

'Omg this is too cool' were the first words we uttered as we were finally at the rooftop that is open on all sides and not enclosed by any fence/grills. With a 360 degree view of KL in front of us, good vibes all round and a glass of Chardonnay what more could we ask for right? After finally getting a seat we took endless pictures of the Skyscaper which includes the KL twin towers, and also a few 'OOTN' pictures.
Helipad Rooftop

After spending almost 4 hours we were still in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Jokingly adding our next date definitely has to be here otherwise he just doesn't cut it.

I highly recommend this bar if you're in KL but make sure to arrive at 6pm to get seats and catch the sunset.

Helipad View

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