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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A not so delicious meal at 'Delicious'

Hey, all 
So today felt like a “me time' kind of day- with the heat bearing down, having woken up later than I really needed to and tricking myself into believing that I needed that very same “me time” because I’d survived the first week of school. 

I decided to go on a little adventure in the scorching heat in search of something sweet. Waffles, to be precise. Waffles and ice cream to be even more precise. Waffles, ice cream and chocolate if you’re going to asinine about it. After a short search, I finally decided on 'Delicious' in Bangsar Village. A quaint little eatery, and although they menu is a tad restricted the setting and ambience do make up for that. My stomach does not agree with me whole heartedly on this though. I decided on macaroons, having failed to find any place that had waffles or anything that remotely resembled waffles. Think I saw a place serving crepes but nobody wants to eat an anorexic pancake right? 
The macaroons were not too bad, light and fluffy and I was pleasantly surprised at the size they came in, it was actually pretty huge so I only had one. The texture and taste were soft and sweet respectively. Which was good, except at some point sweet became diabetes on a plate. I kid. I realised that while this was a 'me time' day, what I chose to eat was definitely meant for two people to share, perhaps on a date. I hear Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. *hint hint*

All in all, the day wasn’t too bad. I got to spend more time exploring both Bangsar village and my inner being, to which I concluded macaroons are overrated but sure do look good in pictures.  Although I am starting to rather enjoy my little outings on my own,hopefully the next post will be from my valentines dinner or lunch date. 


     Love & Scribbles


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