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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Travel: Malacca

Hi all
As a 'travelling enthusiast'  I went to Malacca, Malaysia with a few friends. It is a  historical site and has actually been listed as a World Heritage Site since 2008.   We spent most of our time in 'Jonker Street', which is a street in historical Chinatown of Melaka. This street is filled with shops selling antiques, souvenirs, hipster items, food stalls and just cool old historical buildings. 

We were also around Dutch Square (Red Square) where  its the starting point for the well known  decorated rickshaw rides. One of the first buildings you see in Dutch Square is the Christ Church of Melaka and the 'Tang Beng Swee Clock'. The most beautiful museum I've ever visited is the 'Flora de la Mar Maritime Musueum' which is a replica of the 'Flora de La Mar', a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of Malacca. We also saw a few historical places such as the 'Cheng Hoon Teng' Temple, The 'Kampung Hulu Mosque'. We unfortunately couldn't see everything but had a pretty cool day.

Malacca is truly the home for anyone who is interested in history and experiencing a different culture.  

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